Why Us?

Creative engineering

Combining together  material knowledge, production tecniques with innovation and creativity, it means to be able to offer always new and trendy solutions .

Our focus is to be constantly updated to propose our customers new ideas, anticipating their needs and requests.



Our experience in the promotional market forces us to have a high responsiveness to inquiries and productions.

Prompt answers to customers’ request is our main advantage.


A dedicated staff in each production site, follows each production step and guarantees a high quality control and implementation.


Flexibility and adaptability

Local production capacity joint with a strong experience in import from reliable suppliers, allow us to meet all specific needs of our customers and, at the same time, assure us flexibility and high capacity to offer a wide range of articles and solutions both in terms of materials and competitive prices.

Compliance with people and environment

As Sedex members since many years, we always keep an open eye on social, ethic and enviromental regulations related to our productions, by frequently visiting and checking our production sites and by complying with specific certifications made by international, well known and recognized institutes.
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